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What is FillAppt?

FillAppt is a software platform that notifies patients when there is an open appointment. The patient gets notified via the mobile app (or email) and the appointment is booked in real time.

FillAppt is web based and does not require integration with your office management system. It takes a staff member seconds to post an available appointment that would otherwise be time consuming, manual, and often unsuccessful to fill from a waitlist. The installation is quick and easy, and takes less than an hour.

Why Choose Us?


FillAppt (FA) allows service providers to post open or cancelled appointments to patients as soon as they become available.  Open appointments are posted by office staff and booked by the patient in real-time; hence, significantly boosting practice revenues, while providing better service for the patient.


It can sometimes be frustrating to get an appointment with your dentist, doctor etc on a convenient day due to lack of availability.  FA is the easy & efficient way to address this issue for the patient.  Through an email alert or a “push” notification on your smart phone, the appointment is booked and a confirmations follows within seconds.


As a provider, your office will be run more efficiently  and practice revenue will increase by at least 30%. No more wait-lists, last minute phone calls, manual re-scheduling or empty time slots.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a last minute cancellation, especially if it’s an evening or weekend appointment that many people are waiting for.  This creates a waste of very valuable appointment time as well as loss of revenue.  FillAppt eliminates this waste, puts the money back in your pocket and provides better service and satisfaction for your patients.

Let’s look at the numbers:


  • Harriet Hygenist averages $175 per patient

  • She averages 2 open appointments per day

  • $175 X 2= $350 X 200 days worked = $70,000 lost revenue for one hygienist alone!  That number will be higher if you have a busy office with several hygenists.

Increasing Revenue
Filling Empty Seats
Office Efficiency

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